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Authored By: Gbadamosi J

Article Number: 1607782779

Received Date: September 18th 2020 Published Date: December 12th 2020

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The study determined farmers’ perceptions on the implementation of agri-environmental schemes in Oyo State. The study examined and compared adopters and non-adopters of the program in regards to applying the improved and non-improved sustainable agricultural practices, their perception of the program, and information sources of the program and different farming practices. A total number of 120 farmers in the four agro-ecological area of Oyo state were used for the study. Multistage sampling procedure involving purposive and random sampling techniques was adopted and data were collected by means of a questionnaire to all of the adopters (102 farmers) and 18 non-adopters. The instrument was validated by experts in Agricultural Education Department and has at reliability co-efficient of 0.73. Chi-square test of independence was used for data analyses. Results of the study indicated that adopter farmers significantly (P<0.05) differed from non-adopter farmers in applying promoted sustainable agricultural practices which were crop rotation, growing legume crops, using modern irrigation systems, using animal manure, taking adequate measures for soil erosion, and taking adequate measures to protect pastures and preventing overgrazing. It was concluded that promotion have influence on adoption of environmental programs in Oyo State and recommended that government should support the farmers by regular extension services and training activities.

Gbadamosi, J. (2020). Perceptions of farmers on the implementation of agri-environmental schemes in Oyo state, Nigeria. Journal of Science, Technology and Education (JSTE); 4:13;139-151

Gbadamosi J
Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, P. M. B. 1010, Oyo, Oyo State. Nigeria